Meet Valentine.

Hi! My name is Valentine (they/them) and welcome to the disco!

A little about me:

I am a nonbinary nerodivergent queer in recovery from chronic homelessness, mental health challenges, childhood sexual trauma, self harm, substance use issues, the gender binary, and toxic relationships. That's a lot, I know, but writing this list is empowering. In the past I often overlooked the many ways I was recovering and only validated one specific aspect of my recovery: Sobriety. When I look back now I realize that my recovery from addiction was only one small aspect of my overall healing journey. Over the years I've been so lucky to make friends with folx who have recovered in many different ways. This is why at Recovery Disco we CELEBRATE ALL THE WAYS WE RECOVER. It is about honoring and validating the many facets of our healing journeys. Looking at the intersections, honoring the differences, and acknowledging the barriers.

My recovery journey started 13 years ago when I began to heal from childhood trauma and abuse. Years later addiction took hold of my life. I was able to achieve sobriety using the tools and resources that I learned in my previous recovery process. In the 4 years that I have been sober, I have joined many recovery communities. I have found that there is no one way to recover. There is no perfect one size fits all program. Instead there are many different programs and communities, all with their strengths and faults. None of them have a higher percentage of success because no matter which communities you join, it ultimately comes down to you to do the work to heal. Here at Recovery Disco we do not promote one path, but instead offer as many resources we can for you to build your own path, helping you choose your own adventure.

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