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A podcast that celebrates ALL the ways we recover in life. Lets explore addiction, gender, sexuality, and trauma. Episodes are a mixture of interviews, storytelling, and an exploration of recovery communities

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My Gender Story: A Nonbinary Recovery

Everyday I experience gender. Sometimes it's through an interaction on the street, and other times its a memory that floats through my mind. This episode is my gender story told through a nonlinear collection of fragmented memories, queer history, and silhouettes of my life.

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Young Hearts, Rum Free ft. Millie Gooch

When Millie Gooch got sober, there were very few options and none of them held space for her experience, so she carved her own path and started Sober Girl Society.  In this episode we talk about the different ways to identify with recovery and the long lineage of empowerment based recovery books written by women dating back to the 70's including Millie's new book "Sober Girl Society Handbook. " If you love getting book recommends and hearing peoples recovery journeys, this episode is for you.

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Navigating Trauma, Hunny

Trauma effects people in different ways. Many people who learn to navigate their trauma do so in an unconventional way. Join Jimanekia, the Trauma Queen, and Valentine as they unpack some of their traumas and talk about their healing journeys. There are many forms of trauma but even more ways to heal.

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When Does "Recovery" Start?

Do you count your recovery date the same day as your sobriety date? Join Rachel from ShotstoShakes and Valentine as they ask themselves the question "When did recovery actually begin?" and does recovery always mean Sobriety?

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Reclaiming Our Queerness

As humans we are born with both masculine and feminine energies, but from a young age we are taught to separate ourselves from one or the other. Join Goddexx and Valentine as they share about their genderqueer and nonbinary identities and navigating sobriety.

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Welcome to the Disco

What does Recovery mean? What experiences require recovery? And what does this have to do with DISCO? Join Valentine for a quick peek into what inspired them to start this podcast and what exactly Recovery Disco is.

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